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ONL- Primer 1/2 oz

SKU: DFB123 BL-2236



Methacrylic acid
Raspberry scented
Blue tinted
Finest quality and strongest primer on the market

THIS PRODUCT: This chemically balanced formulation was developed for use by professionals to create the strongest bond possible between the natural nail and acrylic or gel enhancement. With a unique raspberry fragrance and blue tint, O.N.L. primer works to extract oils from the natural nail that can promote lifting and prepares the nail for the application of acrylic or gel.

HOW TO USE: Apply primer sparingly, being careful to avoid the cuticle. Before applying primer on the nail, wipe your brush on the side of the bottle and then dab your brush on your disposable towel. Apply two coats of primer and allow drying to a chalky white appearance between applications. If you get primer on the skin or the client experiences a burning sensation due to overexposure of primer, apply INM’s Stop-It for instant relief..

THE BENEFITS ARE: Time tested formulation prevents lifting of enhancements.

Reliability- Dehydrates and prepares nails for a strong bond
Compatibility- Can be used with any acrylic system
Spill proof guard to prevent accidents
Child safety cap, with easy to use applicator cap

O.N.L. PRIMER is available in 1/2oz. bottle

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