NeoNail - UV/LED Revital Base Fiber 7.2ml
NeoNail - UV/LED Revital Base Fiber 7.2ml
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NeoNail - UV/LED Revital Base Fiber 7.2ml


Revital Base Fiber

Strengthening - Filling - Superstructure

Revital Base Fiber is a strengthening base that nylon fibers wrap around the entire nail plate, fill it and leave it strong as never before!

Try Revital Base Fiber and take care of the condition of your nails already at the first stage of creating a manicure!     

The nylon fibers, vitamin E and calcium contained in the base form a protective shield on the plate, which on the one hand protects them against breaking and penetrates into microcracks, and on the other hand gives exceptional durability and resistance to styling!     

Thanks to the innovative formula, this base will work even for a fragile and brittle nail plate.     

Revital Base Fiber has a thick consistency and is ideal for prolonging nails up to approx. 7 mm.    

 Almost transparent, milky shade gives the nails a beautiful, desirable and natural effect.


Revital Base Fiber can be applied under colored hybrid paint and gel.


Thin product layers are removed using acetone.

With thicker layers and extended nails - just add regrowth.

Does it have self-leveling properties?

Yes, the product fills in the unevenness of the tile, shapes it and allows you to easily build the perfect "C-curve".

What brush type does it have?

Short and adapted to the extension, superstructure and comfortable distribution.