NeoNail - UV/LED Gel Polish 7,2ml - DRY TOP MATTE
  • SKU: NN-6110-7

NeoNail - UV/LED Gel Polish 7,2ml - DRY TOP MATTE


Dry Top Matte- 7.2ml

Dry Top Matte is a finishing hybrid gel polish, which after hardening does not require the use of Cleaner and at the same time gives a matte effect.

By creating a hard protective layer, it perfectly preserves the designs made.

Dry Top Matte  will be used during gel polish manicure treatments as well as using the gel and acrylic method.

Not suitable for thin and weak nails.

Why you'll love Dry Top Matte:

1. No need to use Cleaner - manicure and pedicure treatments become faster.

2. A unique matte finish - perfect for any season.

3. Perfect stylizations - a pleasant and simple application, without streaks.

4. Another way for original decorating - the ability to create desired designs.

Frosted nails in a few seconds and without washing - with NeoNail you get double!