NeoNail- UV/LED Gel Polish 7.2 ml- Rise & Shine
NeoNail- UV/LED Gel Polish 7.2 ml- Rise & Shine
  • SKU: NN-8525-7

NeoNail- UV/LED Gel Polish 7.2 ml- Rise & Shine


Rise & Shine hybrid varnish, perfect for summer Would you like to liven up the look of your stylization a bit, giving it a holiday character in a few moments?

All you have to do is decide on a hybrid varnish from the Paradise summer collection! The yellow, neon shade of Rise & Shine will be perfect for this role - use it to create your manicure or pedicure to stand out. Match it with classic, everyday outfits or more elegant ones to play with fashion, while adapting to the current trends in the beauty world!

Neon hybrid varnish in yellow Yellow, neon hybrid varnish is one of the most fashionable shades of this season. What is certain is that it cannot be missing from your collection of nail products. A similar shade is already offered by NEONAIL, i.e. Sunny Flow, but the new color is more intense, yellow.

Combine Rise & Shine with other shades to create decorations or opt for one color manicure - the choice is yours! This hybrid varnish will look particularly beautiful in combination with the Perfect Pleasure color.