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NEONAIL UV/LED GEL POLISH 7.2 ml High-quality UV/LED GEL POLISH which provides an impeccable manicure that least for up to 21 days (or until visible growth). For over ten years NeoNail has been amongst most popular gel polish and nail care manufacturers within EU. Our range includes high quality tops, base and around 300 different colours. It is an easy 3-step manicure which has to be cured under UV/LED LAMP. Curing it in the lamp allows the polish to dry in seconds making it hard wearing, scratch-resistant and smudge proof for up to three weeks. NeoNail UV/LED GEL POLISH does not chip and strengthens the natural nail plate. HARD BASE protects the nail plate and connects with the colour by creating adhesive layer. It is safe and easy to use, and it has been dermatologically tested. COLOUR provides full and deeply pigmented coverage. Specially designed brush allows for an even and easy application with no stress of cuticle flood due to its perfect consistency providing best results every time. HARD TOP has especially designed unique formula in order to protect the colour, sealing it off from all outside factors keeping it in perfect condition throughout all wear that lasts up to 21 days. The advantages of the NEONAIL UV/LED GEL POLISH: STAYS ON NAILS FOR UP TO 21 DAYS NO CHIPPING SCRATCH – RESISTANT SMUDGE PROOF HIGH-GLOSS FINISH CURES IN SECONDS HIGH COVERAGE EVEN WITH FIRST LAYER STRENGHTS NATURAL NAIL PLATE * NOTE: The colours in the pictures may differ from the physical colour due to the individual preferences and settings of the monitor. APPLICATION TIPS: Shake the bottle well before use. APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS. STEP BY STEP: STEP 1. Give the nails the desired shape. Carefully push back cuticles with a WOODEN STICKS or CUTICLE PUSHER then slightly buffer the nail surface using BUFFER and remove any dirt and dust with a BRUSH. STEP 2. Wipe the nail plate using the NAIL CLEANER. STEP 3. Paint thin layer of HARD BASE as a primary coat and allow it to cure under LED/UV LAMP. (Do not wipe the nails with the cleaner in between coats). STEP 4. Apply GEL POLISH COLOUR in your desired shade and cure it under LED/UV LAMP. Repeat the process. STEP 5. Apply thin layer of HARD TOP to protect the colour and to give it intensive shine. Cure under LED/UV LAMP. STEP 6. Once HARD TOP is cured wipe of the sticky residue nails using NAIL CLEANER. STEP 7. For extra care, use a CUTICLE OIL and hand cream. REMOVAL STEP BY STEP: STEP 1. To remove gel polish from the nails, file down the glossy layer of nail polish using a NAIL FILE. STEP 2. Soak NAIL WRAPS in ACETONE/REMOVER and wrap tightly around the fingernail allowing to soak for around ten minutes. STEP 3. Take of the NAIL WRAPS and any GEL POLISH residue remove with a WOODEN STICK or a CUTICLE PUSHER. SAFETY MEASURES: UV/LED Gel Polishes from NeoNail is suitable for professional use only. Keep the product away from children. Avoid contact with eyes and skin in case of contact with the skin or eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. The product can cause allergies or irritation. Do not use if you are allergic or hypersensitive to any ingredients of the product. If the nail plate surface is damaged or irritated, the product should not be used. If irritation or hypersensitivity occurs, the application should be stopped immediately.
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