NeoNail - Transfer Gel 7.2ml
  • SKU: NN-7899-7

NeoNail - Transfer Gel 7.2ml


Transfer Gel

Transfer foil is a product that will change the look of each of your outfits in a few moments, giving it an effective, metallic shine.

To create such a manicure, choose a special gel that will allow you to imprint any foil on the nail plate.

Why Choose Transfer Foil Gel?

-No colour

- The gel is transparent, so you can successfully apply it to any shade of UV/LED Gel Polish.

-Easy application - the product has a high dispersion, so you can quickly and easily reflect the foil on your nails.

-Medium-thick consistency - this formula of the product allows you to apply a thin, precise layer, and additionally makes the gel very efficient.

- Convenience of application - the product is packed in a handy package with a brush, which makes it easy to apply to the nail plate.

Choose a transfer foil gel - choose durability and an effective manicure!