NeoNail - Spider Gel White 5 g
NeoNail - Spider Gel White 5 g
NeoNail - Spider Gel White 5 g
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NeoNail - Spider Gel White 5 g


Spider Gel White 5 g

Precise lines in a few seconds?

Yes! Get to know Spider Gel, which will improve the creation of intricate decorations.

A gel with a rubber structure is a simple way to create a spectacular manicure! Innovative consistency     

The rubber and thick form of the gel is a novelty among nail styling products.     

Thanks to Spider Gel, you will create thin and straight lines in a short time.     

The product makes impressive decorations almost the same.

Pleasant application     

Get a small amount of Spider Gel on the brush or probe and drag on the plate with one continuous movement from one point to another.     

The product will be applied on a colorful UV/LED Gel Polish, gel or acrylic, and then you will put on a finishing top.     

The decorating will be cured in a LED or UV lamp.