NeoNail - Nail Wrap Foils 50pcs

NeoNail - Nail Wrap Foils 50pcs

SKU: DFB123 NN-4458-1



Nail Foil Wraps for removing UV/LED Gel Polish  manicure.
The wraps have an absorbent cotton pad for wetting with acetone, which makes it much easier and faster to remove.
1. Saturate the absorbent pad with NeoNail UV Gel Polish Remover or Acetone.
2. Place on the nail and make sure that the pad covers the whole nail plate. Wrap tight the foil around the finger.
3. Leave the Remover Foil Wrap on the finger and wait 7-10 minutes.
4. Pull off the wrap from the nail and gently remove excess UV Gel Polish with a cuticle pusher.
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