NeoNail - Cuticle oil with a 15ml pipette - Freesia


A product for professional care that will intensively moisturize the skin and strengthen nails.

A nutritious formula will make the skins be soft and the nails will be oiled, which will effectively prevent them from splitting and cracking.

Convenient application with a pipette enables fast dosing.

A small bottle with applicator allows you to use the product whenever you want.

By taking it with you, you can take care of your nails at any time.

Treat your hands with the pleasure of finishing your perfect manicure - the aromatic finish of the effect.

Relaxing aromas will pamper your senses in 10 fragrance compositions to choose from.

Which one will you choose? ......Hard choice?....... In that case, try all in a row.

A beautiful scent of freesia - perfect for lovers of sophisticated, floral compositions.

Capacity: 15 ml

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