NeoNail - 3D Holo Effect powder #04 - 2g
NeoNail - 3D Holo Effect powder #04 - 2g
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NeoNail - 3D Holo Effect powder #04 - 2g

This is the next edition of the 3D Holo Effect dust - this time you will sprinkle your nails with gold and garnet!

Delicate powder that creates an effective and shimmering surface on the nails is an effect that you will want to keep for longer. The new shades are refinement and class - perfectly reflecting the atmosphere of large, elegant outings and smaller celebrations!

With 3D Holo Effect, your manicure will delight with its three-dimensional glow - put it on a hybrid nail polish and discover the beauty sparkling in the light!

When choosing the perfect dress and high heels, don't forget about your nails! Choose the dazzling 3D Holo Effect!

The effect may vary depending on the intensity, type and angle of light as well as the color of the base coat - the recommended base shade is white hybrid varnish.

Gold in a holographic edition - 3D Holo Effect is a box filled with fine dust that will change the manicure into a shiny surface.

The shine and shade depends on the angle of the light.

Note: this effect is addictive!