BL- Neon gel #002 Steff 5 ml  UV/LED
  • SKU: BL-6288

BL- Neon gel #002 Steff 5 ml UV/LED


Colour Gels

BLINGline colour uv/led hard gels are completely mixable therefore this give the therapist an infinite colour range to choose from. Everything from light pink to dark purple to black shades, with or without glitter or shimmer. BLINGline colour gels can be used for either french or full colour. With its ever growing selection there is always that perfect shade for every client request.

Product benefits

  • Amazing coverage
  • 6 perfectly on trend seasonal colours released each season.
  • Perfect selection
  • 5ml sizes so no waste.
  • Remains perfect until infill.

Use directions

  • Apply colour thinly. Do not apply too thick. The number of coats will depend on the amount of pigment that is in the colour.


  • Two coats will give sufficient coverage.


  • Apply BLINGline top coat of your choice


Cure time

30 seconds LED 1 minute UV