BL - Chrome Rose

BL - Chrome Rose

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BlingLine Nail Art Chrome Rose Pigment

Mirror Chrome is a nail trend that is taking the nail industry by storm. With the BlingLine collection of Chrome powder Pigments you can create a sensational relective mirror effect everytime. We offer a huge range of colours and effects so you will never be short of nail art inspiration.

To apply:

Apply in the final layer of our Tack Free top coat over your chosen gel colour or nail design.

1- Cure the Tack Free Top Coat for 30 seconds in our BlingLine LED lamp

2- Use an eyeshadow stick or sponge (dependent on your desired effect) to rub the pigment into Tack Free top coat.

3- Cure for 1 minute

4- Seal the pigment in with another layer of Tack Free Top Coat and Cure for 1 minute

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