BL- Builder gel PINK 30ml UV/LED
  • SKU: BL-6297

BL- Builder gel PINK 30ml UV/LED


Builder is a thick viscosity non-self leveling hard gel used for building and sculpting both on tip or form. It is a Fantastic all-round gel that you also can use as a bonding agent. Just apply one thin layer, cure and then build with more builder gel. Easy as that!

Product Benefits

UV/LED formulation with advanced resin technology.
Is very flexible (great for ski jump nails).
Is very easy to file.
Great for acrylic users switching to gel because it has more body to push around.
Available in clear or pink.
Formulated with high-quality resins.
Not sticky formula, it feels more smooth to work with.
Wonderful when you work with forms.
You could apply on 4 fingers at time. Thumbs separate.
Could be used as a bonder or shine to.
Cure in LED 1 min
Cure in UV 2 min.