NeoNail - 72hr Nail Repair Serum - 3.8 ml
NeoNail - 72hr Nail Repair Serum - 3.8 ml
NeoNail - 72hr Nail Repair Serum - 3.8 ml
NeoNail - 72hr Nail Repair Serum - 3.8 ml
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NeoNail - 72hr Nail Repair Serum - 3.8 ml


Discover a nail serum that instantly nourishes and strengthens your nails with ingredients of natural origin. Here's our 72h Nail Repair Serum full of oils, vitamins and extracts – apply a little product to your nails and cuticles and you'll find out its extraordinary strength! Use them at least once a day, and after 72 hours you will see extraordinary effects!

Do you want to take care of your nails using what nature gives us? Reach for the 72h Nail Repair Serum, whose formula contains as many as 96% of ingredients of natural origin! What do you find in it?

  • Shea butter esters that smooth and grease the skin without leaving an unpleasant, sticky layer;
  • Abyssinian oil, that is, an ingredient that relieves irritation, protects the nail from external factors and prevents water from escaping from the skin;
  • Algae extract replenishes lipids, thanks to which it strengthens the epidermis and increases hydration;
  • Vitamin A nourishes and smoothes nails;
  • Vitamin E supports hydration and has an anti-aging action;
  • Silicon salicylate strengthens weakened nails, prevents split ends and breaks and stimulates their growth.

 Serum for weak and brittle nails – bet on regeneration!

If you want your nails to be strong and healthy put on 72h Nail Repair Serum, which you use regularly, will surprise you with great results in a very short time!

72H Nail Repair Serum is:

  • nutrition, intense hydration and strengthening of nails;
  • rapid absorption of the product;
  • beautiful, relaxing fragrance;
  • Effects visible after just 72 hours
  • a convenient and fast application that makes you use nail serum up to several times a day.

Want to strengthen and nourish your nails? Try the 72h Nail Repair Serum with ingredients of natural origin.