SKU: BL-6294.

BL- Cool One Step gel 30ml UV/LED

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3 reviews for BL- Cool One Step gel 30ml UV/LED

Beautiful to work with, easy to file & very little dust ?

Absolutely loving this gel it feels so smooth it stays exactly where you put it and it’s also super easy to file.

Love this gel as you can use it for anything and it files really easily with only a fine sugary dust that doesn’t fly everywhere.

Cool One step is a medium viscosity self-leveling hard gel used for building and sculpting both on tip or form. Great gel, not sticky to work with, flowing and self leveling, but remains where you put it.

Product Benefits

Cool-cured UV/LED formulation with advanced resin technology.
Perfect for Sensitive clients.
Is very easy to file.
Available in clear or pink.
Formulated with high-quality resins.
Very easy to file.
Cure in LED 30 sec Cure in UV 2 min.