Frequently Asked Questions


Cool one step gel Cool One step gel is formulated to produce a low exothermic reaction during the curing process. It is a self-levelling gel with a medium viscosity suitable for gel overlays, tips and sculpted extensions. Advanced resin technology. Curing time 30secs LED/1min UV

Colours available include: Clear and Pink.

Builder Gel– Builder gel is a non-self-levelling gel with a thick viscosity. Again this can be used for an overlay, over a tip or used to create sculpted extensions. Builder gel from BLINGline allows you to place the product where you desire and it will not move allowing you the time to perfect your enhancement. Advanced resin technology. Curing time 30secs LED/1min UV

Colours available include: Clear and Pink

Fiber Gel– Fiber Gel is formulated with fiberglass particles to add extreme strength to the product. Fiber gel has a medium viscosity and is perfect for gel overlays, tips and sculpted extensions. Curing time 30secs LED/1min UV

Colours available: Clear.

Absolutely. You can use any of the builder gels together.


BLINGline products are vegan. They are not tested on animals and are cruelty free

Although rare there is a chance of allergic reactions occurring during the use of nail products, however BLINGline tries its upmost best to formulate its products with as little allergen as possible. BLINGline products are formulated so that the dust falls rather than becoming airborne.

Cover gel warm pink has a thick viscosity and is perfect to create an extended nailbed when creating a pink and white reverse French look.

Cover gel warm pink is also perfect for French manicures to disguise any imperfections in the nail plate. Can be used for overlays, tips and sculpted extensions.

Perfect French Gel

A thin flowing gel with a really white pigment. Self-levelling with a high coverage. Curing time 1 min LED 2min UV.

Soft white Gel

Perfect for baby boom nails & Easy to use. Self-levelling with a high coverage. Curing time 1min LED 2min UV

Snow White Gel

Perfect for swirls and fines lines. Thin flowing with a high coverage. Curing time 1min LED 2min UV

White builder

Perfect for sculpting the reverse French look. Thick viscosity with a high coverage. Non Self Levelling.

Curing time 1min LED 2 min UV.

INM Prepstep Dehydrator – Prepstep is a PH balancing agent and dehydrator for the nail plate.

How to use- Prep Step is used on the natural nail prior to artificial nail applications. Gently remove the dust from the nail plate and apply two coats of Prep Step before priming the nail or polishing the nail. Prep step should also be applied prior to resin when doing fiberglass.

THE BENEFITS ARE: Gives the nail a clean start to ensure the best adhesion possible when applying all artificial enhancements.


This chemically balanced formulation was developed for use by professionals to create the strongest bond possible between the natural nail and acrylic or gel enhancement. With a unique raspberry fragrance and blue tint, O.N.L. primer works to extract oils from the natural nail that can promote lifting and prepares the nail for the application of acrylic or gel.

HOW TO USE: Apply primer sparingly, being careful to avoid the cuticle. Before applying primer on the nail, wipe your brush on the side of the bottle and then dab your brush on your disposable towel. Apply a small dot of primer around 3-4mm from the cuticle area centrally on the nail avoiding any contact with the skin. Allow to dry to a chalky white appearance before applying any more product to the nail.


Time tested formulation prevents lifting of enhancements.

  • Reliability- Dehydrates and prepares nails for a strong bond
    Spill proof guard to prevent accidents
    Child safety cap, with easy to use applicator cap

O.N.L. PRIMER is available in 1/2oz. bottle


Super Bond is an UV/LED-cured, acid-free bonding agent that cures with a sticky residue.
This residue provides a strong foundation for all nail enhancements.
Super Bond comes in a jar, easy to store and to work with.

Apply a thin layer which must be worked into the nail. Use very sparingly. The nail must look damp rather than wet. If the nail looks wet too much product has been applied. If this happens dab each nail with a lint free wipe to remove excess.

Cure for 30 sec in LED
Cure for 2 min in UV

Creates great adhesion to the natural nail.
Creates great adhesion to plastic tips.

Wet Finish

For the ultimate shine!
Wet Finish comes in a jar and will be used on end filed nails and gives a high gloss shine.
A white French that stays and does not yellow. Allow to cool for 1 minute before removing the inhibition layer for optimal shine.

Wipe off with Bling Cleanser.

Cure for 1 min in LED
Cure for 2 min in UV

Tack Free Finish

Tack Free Finish cures completely tack free and is compatible in UV and LED lamps.
Cure 1 minute in LED lamp and 2 minutes in UV lamp for a high shine.

Matte Finish

Matte Finish is used to give the matte finish that is so popular right now. Allow to cool for approximately 1 minute once cured.

Cure 1 min LED
Cure 2 min UV

A lot of builder gel products can produce a heat spike also known as an exothermic reaction.

BLINGline have formulated cool one step gel to solve this problem with a very low exothermic reaction, we have customer comments suggesting on some clients no heat spike with this formula.

Blingline gels fall under the hard gel category which means that they have a much lower nail polish content. Meaning that they cannot be soaked off in acetone.

Issues such as chipping or wearing from the free edge is often caused by not capping the colour or applying the product too thick. We recommend that you apply the colour in two thin coats and always cap the free edge to prevent the product from shrinking.

Issues such as peeling or rippling in the colour are often caused by the lamp that you are using. The lamp may not be strong enough to cure the product correctly.

Issues such as lifting are more than often down to preparation, contamination or the need for an infill.

We always recommend allowing the top coat to cool before cleansing.

Always leave the inhibition layer intact for approximately 1 minute once the hands have left the lamp.

Always ensure the inhibition layer is fully removed and the nails are squeaky clean

BLINGline soak off gels

The correct base to use is the Gel Polish Base and Top Lack

It takes around 10-15minutes to soak off BLINGline gel polish. Score the Topcoat of the gel polish before soaking to help the acetone to break down the product.

1. Cleanse nail with BLINGline Cleanser (buffing optional)
2. Apply BLINGline Base and Top lack (cure 1 min in LED or 2 min in UV)
3. Apply thin coat of BLINGline Colour/Glitter (cure as above)
4. IF you need: Apply second thin coat of Blingline Colour/Glitter (cure as above)
5. Apply BLINGline Base and Top lack (cure 1 min in LED or 2 min in UV)
6. Cleanse Top Coat with BLINGline Cleanser
7. Removal – Soak in Acetone (10-15 minutes)

No it is not recommended to use a soak off gel under a hard gel. This is due to the fact that soak off is softer and more flexible than hard gel.

This can therefore cause the hard gel to crack. However you can if you want use Blingline soak off gel on top of Blingline hard gel.


You must always use scrub prep in the prep stage before applying any resins or primers to the nail. This will allow for complete dehydration and oil removal.

DO NOT USE D’OR CLEANER in the preparation stages as this product contains oil.


Megaprime is an acid based primer for optimal adhesion

Applying very sparingly (a dot). The product will spread without touching the skin. Let it air dry.

You are now ready to apply your universal gel.

Yes of course.

The D’or universal gel is formulated to suit all needs of the nail technician. It allows for overlays, tips and sculpting. It is formulated for all nail types, has the perfect medium viscosity, self-levelling properties and has a low exothermic reaction.

This milk pink opaque self-levelling builder gel has many advantages. Perfect for the baby boom look in combination with the colour lisabeth. Can be used to create the perfect natural elegant finish to the nail.

Allows for a very natural blush finish. Great for creating natural French looks where a pinker finish is less desired.

Amazing high gloss finish that lasts for weeks.

Must be cured for 1min LED 2min UV

During the filling process the volume of some pots may differ. However the 4.5ml/5g content will always be the minimum amount within the pot.

During the filling process some ‘extra’ product may be added due to the way that the pots are filled manually.

A number of the colour gels are formulated with a slightly thinner viscosity allowing for a more opaque finish when carrying out ombre art.

Must be applied in two thin coats once completing the bonding/builder process.

Cure for 30secs LED 1min UV. Top TIP: Placing a single coat of colour under the glitter gels can make it really pop

D’or nails products are formulated to cure in any lamp with an LED spectrum range of 365-405nm this covers ‘most’ lamps on the market (please check with your lamp manufacturer). We at the little nail shop do supply other branded lamps that cover this spectrum.

Yes D’or universal gel is formulated to suit every type of nail.

D’or loose glitters can be encapsulated in gel to give a variety of looks and designs to the nail. Some suggestions includes sugaring and glitter ombre effects.

The most important thing to remember when applying d’or stickers is that the nail must be completely tack free. The inhibition layer from the colour you have used must be fully removed and NO sticky residue must remain.

D’or have a number of different cuticle oils. Each has its own unique scent.

They contain almond and peach extracts as well as protein, minerals and vitamins A,B,E and D.

They are all named after powerful female goddesses

  • Rhea- Almond
  • Circei-Raspberry
  • Lambe- Peach
  • Athena- Melon
  • Electra-Lemon
  • Hemera- Pineapple
  • Theia- Candy

D’or has 2 fragrances of cleaner for your choice.

They have the same formulation.

  • Pink = A lovely Strawberry fragrance
  • Orange = A lovely Melon fragrance.

Yes D’or products are vegan. They are not tested on animals and are cruelty free.

Although rare there is a chance of allergic reactions occurring during the use of nail products, however D’or try’s it upmost best to formulate its products with as little allergen as possible.