NeoNail - UV/LED Gel Polish 7.2ml - Positive Flow
NeoNail - UV/LED Gel Polish 7.2ml - Positive Flow
  • SKU: NN-8773-7

NeoNail - UV/LED Gel Polish 7.2ml - Positive Flow


Positive Flow hybrid varnish Recharge yourself with positive energy and enter the autumn aura not only in a great mood, but also with a beautiful hybrid manicure! The bright, surprising green of Positive Flow will help you in this - why is it so special? Positive Flow is a hybrid varnish from the latest Fall in Colors collection, which is distinguished by the addition of beautiful, small particles!

Such a treatment makes the beautiful, classic green acquires a completely new, unique character, all thanks to the addition of black, iridescent particles! Light green hybrid varnish with iridescent particles Positive Flow is an extremely feminine shade of light green, which is timeless and will perfectly emphasize your every stylization.

However, do not be fooled by its subtlety, because we have hidden some black, small particles in it, which are an extraordinary, stylish decoration. You don't have to create patterns on your nails to stand out - all you have to do is reach for Positive Flow with particles and an eye-catching manicure is ready!